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1 NEEDLES//PINS - I Heart Your Drugs

Album: "12:34"

Released: July 2012

On a hot Friday afternoon in June, I snuck out of work and went to a bar in a suit to see these guys play. It was loud, sweaty, and packed... and it was awesome.

Haim - Forever - EP

2 Haim - Forever

Album: "Forever"

Released: Feb 2012

Girl pop! A quintessential 2012 summer jam.


3 Bahamas - Okay Alright I'm Alive

Album: "Barchords"

Released: Feb 2013

My kind of mellow. Barchords was able to do the minimalist, spacey, balladeer thing without being boring. This was one of the louder, up tempo tracks on the album.

The Shins-Port Of Morrow

4 The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral

Album: "Port Of Morrow"

Released: March 2012

I realize it’s 2012 and no one is running around with oversized earphones claiming that The Shins will change your life, but surprisingly there were a couple of gems on Port Of Morrow.

The Ballantynes-Misery/Stay - 7 Inch

5 The Ballantynes - Misery

Album: "Misery/Stay - 7 Inch"

Released: June 2012

Favourite live show of 2012. A band of seven (including two drummers!) that packed triple the punch.

Pleasure Cruse-The Bard of Montreal - Compilation

6 Pleasure Cruise - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

Album: "The Bard of Montreal - Compilation"

Released: April 2012

Hazy summer vibes got ditched for a fuzzy Jawbreaker sound. In the spring, I had to drive to Edmonton by myself, I played this track on repeat in lieu of coffee.

Japandroids-Celebration Rock

7 Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built

Album: "Celebration Rock"

Released: June 2012

Vancouver represent! Vancouver represent! Vancouver represent! Vancouver represent! Vancouver represent! But seriously... Vancouver represent!

Frank Ocean-channel ORANGE

8 Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You

Album: "channel ORANGE"

Released: July 2012

Save for his performance on SNL where he stopped mid performance to play video games, everything about channel Orange was great.

Usher—Looking 4 Myself

9 Usher - Climax

Album: "Looking 4 Myself"

Released: June 2012

Mainstream R&B steals from the Weeknd's playbook... with sexy results.

Cat Power-Sun

10 Cat Power - Ruin

Album: "Sun"

Released: Sept 2012

Ironically, the year Chan Marshal put out a big, happy, sounding album she also canceled her tour and declared bankruptcy.

Hot Chip-In Our Heads

11 Hot Chip - Let Me Be Him

Album: "In Our Heads"

Released: June 2012

On this track Hot Chip nailed what they do best... bittersweet pop disguised as throw away electronic music. The rest of the album... not so much.

Major Lazer-Get Free - Single

12 Major Lazer - Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)

Album: "Get Free - Single"

Released: May 2012

For the first time ever Major Lazer actually toned it down for a couple of minutes and created another quintessential summer jam.


13 Grimes - Genesis

Album: "Visions"

Released: Jan 2012

The alien love-child of Aphex Twin and ABBA. It took me a bit of time to get on the Grimes bandwagon, but her charm is undeniable.

The Walkmen-Heaven

14 The Walkmen - We Can't Be Beat

Album: "Heaven"

Released: May 2012

Heaven wins my vote for album of the year. It was a flawless comeback album and this particular track may be the most gorgeous song written so far in the twenty first century.

Dirty Projectors—Swing Lo Magellan

15 Dirty Projectors - See What She Seeing

Album: "Swing Lo Magellan"

Released: July 2012

A lot of people were divided on this album. I thought it was the perfect amount of weird.

A.C. Newman-Shut Down The Streets

16 A.C. Newman - I'm Not Talking

Album: "Shut Down The Streets"

Released: Oct 2012

While this may not be the best album that came out in 2012, it was the one I enjoyed the most. Shut Down The Streets was AC Newman playing a mellow version of himself and he almost cheated by tapping his New Pornographers band mates for session work.

Twin River-Rough Gold

17 Twin River - Jangler

Album: "Rough Gold"

Released: March 2012

It would be cool if more songs sounded like this.

Solange-Losing You - Single

18 Solange - Losing You

Album: "Losing You - Single"

Released: Oct 2012

Solange isn’t normally my cup of tea but this was an undeniable stone groove.

Disclosure-Latch - Single

19 Disclosure - Latch (Feat Sam Smith)

Album: "Latch - Single"

Released: Oct 2012

Electronic jam of the year. In fact, 2012 was the year of Disclosure. These dudes – who are both under the age of 20 – can do no wrong.

Carly Rae Jepsen-Curiosity - EP

20 Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

Album: "Curiosity - EP"

Released: Feb 2012

I tried my best to ignore this track and not put it on my list, but who am I kidding?! 3 minutes of pop perfection that was the soundtrack to some of best parties and happiest moments of my year.

Todd Terje-It's The Arps - EP

21 Artist Name - Song Title

Album: "It's The Arps - EP"

Released: Jan 2012

Todd Terje puts on a master class in synthy instrumental electronica. The entirety of this song feels like a spacey excursion (in a good way).