2005 audio almanac

We hope you're enjoying your copy of the vanmega almanac, or at least using the disk as a very pretty coaster.
The songs on the disk / download are designed to be listened in the sequence listed. We tend to fuss and bother about these kinds of things.

001. Jason Collett - Fire

From the album "Idols of Exile"
June, 2005

Don't let Mr. Collett's uber-hip / uber-contemporary association with Broken Social Scene fool you.  This guy put out a timeless album riddled with amazing singer-songwriter sensibility.  Think Blue Rodeo for the new millennium.

002. Catlow - Number One

From the album "Kiss The World"
September, 2005

Catlow is all of 5 feet tall and can play the crap out of a Fender.  She's 10 times more bad-ass than most boys to hit the stage with a guitar.  Plus, she's from Vancouver... so you know... instant bonus points.

003. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth

From the album "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!"
October, 2005

Yes, they're over-hyped, but who cares... this track is beyond fun.

004. Laura Veirs - Secret Someones

From the album "Year Of Meteors"
August, 2005

Wonderfully nerdy.

005. Stars - Your Ex-Lover is Dead

From the album "Set Yourself On Fire"
March, 2005

Hands down my favourite CD of 2005.  Dancey.  Melodic.  Bitter-sweet.  Pop-rock.

006. Sufjan Stevens - The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

From the album "Illinois"
July, 2005

Bla... bla... bla... concept album... bla... bla... bla... 50 states.  Actually, this is a really well done  album.

007. Maximo Park - The Coast is Always Changing

From the album "A Certain Trigger"
May, 2005

Hooray, it's one of those rare albums you can actually rock cover to cover.

008. Dios Malos - Feels Good Being Somebody

From the album "Dios (Malos)"
October, 2005

Am I the only one who thinks it kinda cool how all the bass (not bass guitars, bass frequency) cuts out of the song during the chorus?

009. LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Is Playing At My House

From the album "LCD Soundsystem"
January, 2005

Fact: I missed LCD Soundsystem when they toured through Vancouver.  I was told it was the funnest, craziest show to rock the Commodore in all of 2005.  Even the stereotypical jaded concert going types were shaking their asses.

010. Thievery Corporation - Revolution Solution

From the album "The Cosmic Game"
February, 2005

Features that guy from Jane's Addiction... and it actually works.

011. Broken Social Scene - Major Label Debut

From the album "Broken Social Scene"
October, 2005

In order to actually like this album you have to listen to the disk about 107 times before you'll actually find it truly appealing.  But then, once you've reached that point jems like this track will be on perma-crank on your CD player.

012. Dirty Town - Mother

From the album "???"

This track was passed to me as a random mp3 a few months back.  I know nothing about this band, other than the fact they're from Vancouver.  That, and the fact that I love this track to bits.  An eclectic Arcade Fire-esque sound, but heavy on the backwoods hillbilly vibe.

013. Ryan Adams - Beautiful Sorta

From the album "Cold Roses"
May, 2005

Ryan Adams put out 3 albums this year.  Three.  Homeboy needs to learn how to self-censor... or at least self edit.  Instead of offering one potent, brilliant album, a torrent of songs were released.  The result: beautiful, sorta.  Beautiful, sorta... but not. Kinda.

014. Editors - Backroom

From the album "The Back Room"
July, 2005

Joy Division meets Interpol, but not in a bad way.

015. Mando Diao - You Can't Steal My Love

From the album "Hurricane Bar"
March, 2005

I fear that too many people slept on this disk.  Mando Diao is bunch Swedish guys positioned as garage rockers, but the truth is that far more diverse than just power chords and a blend of yelling/singing.  Check out the track "Ringing Bells" and you'll swear they're a completely different (and quiter) band.

016. Whitey Houston - I Got Fucked By Liberty Mutual

From the album "Whitey Houston"
May, 2005

deftone.com got me on to these guys: These guys are from Edmonton, one's name is Whitey, others is Gravy. I've always wanted a friend named Whitey. Great intensity here on a fuck you to an insurance company. File somewhere between Death From Above 1979 and The Black Keys.

017. Ray LaMontagne - Trouble

From the album "Ray LaMontagne"
September, 2004

True story: We saw Mr. LaMontagne perform live at Richards in June and left after 3 songs, as it was waaaaaaaay too mellow.  A few days later we got his disk, and proceeded to perpetually kick ourselves for being narrow minded and leaving.

018. Kings of Convenience - Misread

From the album "Riot On An Empty Street"
July, 2004

Do you remember that episode of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns ask Smithers to get him "the Mexican equivalent of Steven Spielberg"?  Well the Kings of Convenience are, in fact, the Mexican equivalent of Steven Spielberg... except, instead of Mexican they're Norwegian and instead of Steven Spielberg it's actually Simon and Garfunkel.

019. Feist - One Evening

From the album "Let It Die"
April, 2005

You know if all the aspiring female singer-songwriters spent less time listening to, idolizing, and attempting to imitate glossy pop-rockers like Sheryl Crow, and spent more time emulating Leslie Feist the whole world would be a substantially better place.

020. Rogue Wave - Love's Lost Guarantee

From the album "Descended Like Vultures"
October, 2005

Mark my words, kids... Rogue Wave will make a lot of "best of..." lists in 2006.  Right now they and their second disk is a hidden jem on Sub-Pop's roster.  But it's only a matter of time until their whole "Beach Boys harmonies meets guitar + synth rock" approach blows right the hell up.  Awesome, yo.

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